Howard Tay, MD, FACS, Board Certified Urologist

Dr. Howard Tay is a board certified urologist in Arizona certified by the American Board of Urology. He is an active member in the American Urological Association. He has practiced urology in Arizona since 1996.

Dr. Tay is recognized as a leading Arizona urologists, including several Phoenix Magazine “Top Doc” awards for urology.

He is an active member in advancing urology in the state of Arizona and serves on several hospital committees as is past Department Chair of Surgery at Banner Thunderbird Hospital.

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Patient Success Stories

Dr. Howard Tay partnered with Dr David Strong at Canyon State Urology in June of 1999. He saved my life. I had been treated by another urologist for prostatitis for a full year without solution. I was referred to Dr Strong and within a week, was diagnosed with bladder cancer. His office immediately started scheduling me for surgery. I had read about a new type of procedure called the creation of an Indiana Pouch. When I asked Dr Strong about it he said he had never done one, but would talk to his partner about it. I don’t know if Dr Tay had, or just said he had for the experience, but on either June 1st, or June 2nd, 1999, they performed my surgery. They ended up removing a stage 3, grade 4, tumor. My 5 year survival rate was 5%. This June will mark my 20th anniversary. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You see, I was prepared to go to another surgeon if Dr Tay had said no. I don’t know if things would have worked out this way, if I had. And, I also wanted to ask him why, the 3 times I saw him after the surgery, did he ask to see my stoma? Dr Tay, you did a wonderful job.

Bill Ecklor