MonaLisa Touch® is a Laser Treatment for Vaginal Atrophy Symptoms

MonaLisa Touch

What Does the MonaLisa Touch® Treat?

Many women, especially menopausal and post-menopausal women, suffer from vaginal atrophy. It is often caused by a decrease in estrogen. Symptoms include vaginal dryness, burning, and itching, as well as decreased vaginal lubrication during sexual activity and painful intercourse. While hormone therapy is a common treatment for decreased estrogen, some women do not want it or cannot take it due to their medical histories and increased risk for heart attacks, strokes, gynecological malignancies and breast cancer. Until MonaLisa Touch®, there were no good options to treat the symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy.

How Does the MonaLisa Touch® Work?

The MonaLisa Touch® is a simple in-office procedure. It is a small probe that delivera gentle laser energy to soft tissues. The laser stimulates the vaginal tissue with a controlled energy pulse, causing an increase in collagen production, which is essential to healthy vaginal cells. The two-part laser pulse uses targeted CO2 laser energy to stimulate both the surface (epithelial) tissue and the underlying deep tissue (lamina propria). The fractioned light beams penetrate and create small wounds in the epithelial layer, triggering the production of collagen and regeneration.

How Long Does a MonaLisa Touch® Treatment Take?

The total procedure takes less than five minutes. The treatment process requires three sessions. Most women report no to minimal discomfort during the treatment.

How Much Does the MonaLisa Touch® Treatment Cost?

At our practice, Dr. Howard Tay has been offering this treatment since 2016. He is the first urologist in Arizona to provide the MonaLisa Touch® treatment. Unfortunately, insurance does not currently cover the cost of the MonaLisa Touch®. However, our costs are highly competitive as we want to make this technology and its benefits available to as many women as possible.

The cash price for all 3 MonaLisa Touch® sessions is $1,500. Single sessions are $600. A 3% service fee applies to credit card payment.